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We work hard to make sure that when you were trying to find the best dentists in Tulsa OK, you find us. We want to ensure that we remain one of the highest-rated in the country. That is why we make sure we provide you with the services you need to keep your children happy and healthy. Not only movie make sure your kids understand how to take care of their teeth, but we will make sure they understand the importance of their role in maintaining a healthy smile. We are more than just a dentist. Here, we are a teaching environment, and we will make sure that you can benefit from the lessons we provide your children.

If you would like to experience a truly different Pediatric dentist location, you can do that when you find the best dentists in Tulsa OK today. We will make sure that you can experience what makes our company better than all of the other ones. We have been caring for our community’s children for over 32 years. We have been providing a comfortable and light-hearted environment that your kids are happy to go to. We want to make sure that you can benefit from the experience we offer and see why it matters. We are guaranteed to make a difference in your child’s smile, providing them with healthy and well-cared-for teeth.

On top of that, another reason we are different is the fact that we offer more than 70 years of combined experience. We will also provide you with an everyday value that you will not find anywhere else. We have a no-brainer offer for your children under 3 years old. Are free until 3 the program offers free exams and fluoride treatments for anyone under the age of three. Additionally, we offer in-house anesthesia which will save you over $6,000 per case. We are cheaper in the long run, saving you 10% less than the average Tulsa pediatric dentist. We will also have other fun activities for your children to have her taken such as photo booths and a therapy pet.

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