Are you currently searching to Find the Best Dentists in Tulsa OK? If so then you are in luck! We are excited to reveal to you the variety of services that we offer with our pediatric dentist office and to demonstrate to Tulsa the true magic of the ML&K difference. We look forward to serving you and your family and helping you on this new stage of life. We’re excited to have you experience first hand the most reviewed pediatric dentists in America. We have currently named the best dentist in Tulsa by NewMouth for the year of 2024. We offer a variety of services including regular checkups, pediatric dentistry and sedation dentistry. These are vitally important in maintaining the health of Young Smiles and we encourage you to read more on our website if you are interested in resources. Our office is always available for contact if you would like to schedule an appointment with anyone of our variety of talented dentists. We are excited to reveal the fact that we have been serving our communities young individuals 32 years and counting, it’s easy to see our experience shine through in this.

We offer a home of three certified dentists and this differs from an average pediatric dentist as they typically have an average of one board certified dentist. We offer a variety of things that put us above competition including experience, every value, anesthesia, pricing, therapy pack, and qualifications. This is why you should Find the Best Dentists in Tulsa OK here with us. We offer a program called free until 3 which offers the consultation fluoride and Fluoride Varnish application and examination only for children under the age of three. If you are wanting to schedule an appointment with our office you can reach us by phone or on our website for easy access.

Our office knows the importance of teaching and training the young individuals in our care about the importance of properly caring for their own personal oral health. That is why we strive to explain and demonstrate how to best do this. As a reward and good incentive we also offer to brush your way to Disney which is a drawing consisting of names of children who have properly cared for their teeth, we will eventually pull a name and have a winner for a free trip to disney. Find the Best Dentists in Tulsa OK right here at ML&K Dentistry.

If you’re interested in learning more or scheduling with our office our staff members would love to greet you by phone and answer any questions you may have at the following number (918)742-9810. we would also encourage you to search out more information on our website and take a look at any the variety of resources we currently possess to do this you can easily click the following link We also include easy to schedule appointment options on our website and this can be a faster way to schedule an appointment because we know your time is valuable.