Are you struggling to Find Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa you can trust? don’t worry, we were too. This is why we created MLK Dentistry. I wonder if I give her children in the community a place for their pediatric dentistry in a safe and rewarding environment. With multiple options for even the most difficult of clients, as well as offering positive motivation for those who need a little extra help understanding how important oral hygiene is, we make sure that there’s a place for easy and pain free dentistry.

If you keep searching up Find Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa, stop. We have an easier solution, just look up MLK Dentistry. Here we make sure there are multiple options for each unique kid and their unique situation. One of these unique options is sedation dentistry. Sometimes called relaxation dentistry, this option is perfect for those who have a high fear of dental care, have more complex dental problems, or just have a fear of needles and shots. Even if you just have sensitive teeth and you want to be on the safe side this can be the option for you. We try to provide these multiple options because we understand that each child has a different unique experience, and we try to make sure that each unique experience is completely fulfilled with your needs in mind.

How can you Find the Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa you can trust? Just look at our website, there you can find a little testimonial from each of us on our websites so you can know a little bit more about us before you come in. We like to do this to let you know more about our staff and let you feel more comfortable with us before your little one comes in. We also like to keep testimonials and reviews on our website so that you can check to make sure that this is the right Dentistry for you.

When it comes to little ones we know that they kick, they scream, and they throw a fit when it comes to going to the dentist, this is why we like to provide a different alternative to those who may need it. By offering a tell-show-do method, this allows us to teach the little ones just how important their oral hygiene is while teaching them how to do this for themselves. For those who need a little bit more motivation we are also offering a brush your way to Disney contest. For those who come in with those perfect pearly whites, they get an entry for a chance to win a free trip to Disney. It helps provide that motivation that some little ones might need to brush their teeth more than once a day.

If MLK Dentistry sounds like the right fit for you today, please call us at 918-742-9810, or contact us on our website at We understand finding a dentist for your little ones can be scary, this is why we’re free to answer any questions that we know you may have, you can reach out to us with any of these questions via our website or by calling us, or schedule an appointment with us at any time. We hope to help you and your little ones soon.