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When you are trying to find Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa, come on over to Morrow, Lai, Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry so that we can help you keep your child’s healthy, bright smile. We have also created an environment where your child can learn how to take responsibility for their own health from a team with a goal to create happy, healthy smiles. So contact us today with any questions or concerns that you might have by only leaving your name, email, and phone number.

When you find pediatric dentists in Tulsa, you will soon see why we stand apart. We provide a offer that’s called free until three which gives you as a patient a reason to bring your child to the dentist. The decay on each child under three years old could be prevented if the parents were given the proper education on proper diet and hygiene. This being true we offer free dental examinations on all children until they. These visits will focus on the child but it’s also for you as a parent to get an educational experience and for us to give you recommendations. We will also give your child a treatment which will be applied at the end of each visit. If there is a need for further services we will charge it as our regular fee schedule.

So come on over today and schedule appointment and just leave your name, phone number, and leave a message to get in contact with us today. When you visit website you can also see testimonials, and see about our doctors, you can see about our office members, you can see how we help our community, and even blog articles that can help you. We are involved with making the world a better place. And as an office decided to sponsor 14 children from Worldvision charity our disadvantage. Were also involved in Catholic Charities Tulsa and Infant Emergency Services.

Visit our blog you can see articles about why not to brush after every meal, a toothpaste guy, the best time to floss, and top five things to keep your dentist smiling, and so much more. Once you find pediatric dentists in Tulsa with us, you can get to know more about our doctors. You can meet Dr. Morrow, Dr. Lai, and Dr. Kitterman their biographies, education, continuing education, professional associations, what they’ve done in the community, special recognition, even with the outside office.

So come visit us today let us help you make your child’s first visit to the dentist and enjoyable and positive one. Our goal is to create happy spouse or child with helping them recognize the importance of taking care of their teeth. So come on over and find pediatric dentists in Tulsa with us. To help your child know more about the first visit to the dentist come on over to our website and see articles and activities that we have for your child so that they can get excited and be informed about their dentist appointment.

Find Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa| Healthy Smiles

Come on over to Morrow, Lai, and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry when you are trying to find pediatric dentists in Tulsa. Our goal is to help create happy healthy smiles spiritual and we want to help you, as our patient, to understand the importance of oral health. So be supply your child with a teaching environment to help them take responsibility of the health. So call us or visit a website today to schedule appointment with excellent dentists. We have been caring for this community’s children in a comfortable, lighthearted environment for over 32 years with dentists specialized in pediatric dentistry that have fun with working with children.

Visit our website you can also see about our record checkups, sedation dentistry, about the doctors, office, what we do community, and our blog. Blogging can see articles such as “Anxiety, Phobia, and Fear of the Dentists”, “Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day”,” How Can I Protect My Child’s Teeth during Sports?”, and many, many more articles. While you visit our website you can learn about what we do in our community such as an office 14 disadvantaged children from around the world to help support with personal notes and donations every month. In our community we are also involved in Emergency Infant Services and Catholic Charities Tulsa.

So come on over to our website and just leave your name, phone number and email a message to get started today. We can call us at 9187429810. While looking to find pediatric dentists in Tulsa, you can look at how we make a difference. We try to give our patients and parents the peace to know that you make the experience of a dentist appointment easy and pain-free as it possibly can be. Our goal is to create happy healthy smiles for your children. The contactor office schedule were excellent to work on over to a website. Look forward to meeting you injured child and starting them on a road in good dental health.

Also when you look up our website while trying to find pediatric dentists in Tulsa, you can meet the office team. We do this you can learn about our business coordinator, treatment coordinator, social media coordinator, scheduling coordinator, front office assistant, registered dental hygienist, and are pediatric dental assistants. While you are doing this you can also meet the doctors about their education, continuing education, professional such as, special ignitions, outside the office.

So come on over and contact us to schedule an appointment and see why it is our goal to help your child have a healthy and happy smile an environment that they can learn in. Also help with your child at the time can visit their website and see some activities have for your child so that they can understand what is going on. On our website you can also see about our sedation dentistry and the different types of sedation to see which is best for your child. These types include oral conscience sedation, inhalation sedation and even general atnesthesia. These can only help with special needs patients but also children with high anxiety and even a low pain tolerance So come on over and see how can help you with your child today in a safe, comfortable dental environment.