We make it easy to Find Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa OK, by offering more than 32 years of experience. We strive to offer a very comfortable and lighthearted Community within our office. We not only provide high quality work but we also teach and train young individuals in what it’s like to properly care for their own teeth. We attempt to not only look at this as a Workforce but also a community As our patients hold a special place in all of our staff’s hearts and we care for you. On our website you can find a variety of information including Who We Are, what we do and the ML&K difference. We look forward to seeing you in our office soon. Come visit with us and see what is possible for what we have got.

We are excited to help you Find Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa, OK. I understand the importance of your time and Contend two also be as speedily and efficient as possible while maintaining the quality of high performance. Your time matters to us and that is why it is vital to keep in mind that our appointments range anywhere from 20 minutes to 40 minutes and we encourage you to prepare for this as well. You can also printout the correct forms and sign them prior to your first appointment to make the process quicker and more efficient. We try to keep our prices as affordable as possible as we know Dentistry especially in Pediatric Care can be pricey. they’re happy to announce our prices have been considered 10% cheaper than our competition. We also offer three board certified dentists in reference to our competition’s average one.

We also know how stressful this time can be for young children and that’s why we offer a therapy pet that can Aid in calming individuals down. We care for your family and that’s why we are able to bring together 75 years of combined Pediatric Dentistry experience to your family. So let us help you Find Pediatric Dentists in Tulsa, OK. We would also like for you to take a look at all the special offers that we have on our website. This includes a special announcement for children under the age of three, an opportunity to win a free Disney trip, And our other truly amazing offers. Your comfort and your family is important to us and we hope that you will find our office to be set apart in the fact that we are able to make accommodations to make this happen.

During office hours, staff members would love to help assist you in any way possible. If you are wanting to learn more or schedule an appointment with our office, then please call the number (918) 742-9810 to get assistance with this. or if you would like to explore options yourself and skim the multitude of resources that we possess on our website then we encourage you to take a look at the following link: http://mlkdentistry.com/ we also offer online scheduling options under the Pediatric Dentistry tab.