Lots of parents love setting an appointment with us for the children to get their dentist appointment taking care of Find Nearby Tulsa Pediatric Dentist. They love the environment of our office, it is happy, lighthearted, and we make sure that we are always greeting you guys with a smile. We want to make sure that your child is not anxious or nervous about going to their dentist appointment. We would make sure that the entire process is easy for them and for you as well. We want to make sure that you have peace of mind whenever you bring your children us for their appointment. If you’re trying to find a nearby Tulsa pediatric dentist office, this is it.

Our parents also love that we had free until three offer for any children who are three and under Find Nearby Tulsa Pediatric Dentist. They are able to get free exams and fluoride treatments if they are three and under. This helps a lot a parent to have young children and do not have the $120 to pay for a dentist appointment for all of them. This saves our parents a little bit of money. I’ll sell it with our charges to be charged 10% less fees than any other dentist office in Tulsa. If you’re trying to find a nearby Tulsa pediatric dentist office for you and your children you should consider coming to Morrow Lai and Kitterman Pediatric Dentistry because we will take great care of me.

Another thing that our parents love about our company is that for kids that have a high fear of dental care, or have had traumatic experiences with dental care Find Nearby Tulsa Pediatric Dentist. Maybe even have sensitive teeth we are able to provide a service for them that will help them relax and be able to get treated for their oral health. It’s called sedation dentistry, this is where we make sure that the child is relaxed so that way we can be able to give in the treatment they need. We understand how scary it is for kids to do to the dentist sometimes. They have a bad idea about what happens at dentist offices sometimes and so we want to make sure we make that process completely easy for you in the child. If you live in the Tulsa area, you can find nearby this Tulsa pediatric dentist office near you.

One thing that the kids like about our office is that we had a contest a month to win a trip to Disney World. The child has perfect oral hygiene there we call appointment their name will be placed in a drawing. Two monthly prizes will be awarded and all of those who are registered will be eligible for the grand prize drawing of a family of four vacation to Walt Disney World. This is awarded to the kids who do have perfect oral hygiene whenever they come in for their appointments. This package includes airfare, four nights at a Disney value resort, and a four-day Walt Disney World Parks ticket. The entire trip is purchased by company name, not by sponsor which shows that we want to make sure that you guys had the best experience here and to further encourage oral health we do get this package away to anyone who comes in with the best oral hygiene.

If we sound like the dentist office that you want your kids to go to you should set up an appointment with us on our website at https://mlkdentistry.com/ through the contact card that we have or you can give us a call at 918.742.9810 and will set up an appointment for you.