When you attempt to Find Nearby Tulsa Pediatric Dentist please look no further than MLK Dentistry providing the highest rated most reviewed pediatric dentistry in Tulsa! At MLK we want to make a difference in your child’s life and because of that we are going to offer you free dentist appointments up until their third birthday this means they get a free dental evaluation up until your child’s third birthday. This amongst many other things is what sets MLK Dentistry aside from other pediatric dentists in the region. should I also mention that if your child has a perfect Dental evaluation done then they will be entered into a chance to win a trip to Disney World!

Aside from these wonderful bonuses offered to help support your child’s needs and Future our goal is to help parents Find Nearby Tulsa Pediatric Dentist easier and to not worry so much about their child’s fear of a dentist. Our dentist implements methods in order to help your child become familiar with the surroundings of a dentist office, tools, and procedures in order to assist in their future dental health. Along with these logical methods of interaction to help your child become comfortable, our doctors are highly skilled, trained and respected in their profession. This means we will strive to provide the best medical attention for them as well.

Some things people might not consider when trying to Find Nearby Tulsa Pediatric Dentist is the actual medical process that the dentist may follow or the methods of sedation used. Here at MLK Dentistry the two most common types of sedation are oral Conscious Sedation and inhalation sedation. We also offer in-house anesthesia through ambulatory Anesthesia Associates and you can find more information on Common methods of sedation as well as our sedation methods linked in our website MLKdentistry.com.

We have a team that is more than happy to assist you in any way possible in order to achieve a bright white smiling future for your child. Your children are at risk for dental hygiene issues from newborn up until their third birthday when most of the time they are finally able to sit down and actually be addressed by a pediatric dentist. if you still want to know more information, possibly straight from the source we do have testimonies from our lovely patients, which would be our children. You can find videos of these patients’ testimonies on our website as well!

MLK Dentistry is extremely excited to welcome you to our family if you do want to set an appointment with us today you can do so by giving us a call at 918-742-9810 or just go ahead and hop on to our website MLKdentistry.com to book an appointment today via our appointment form. Our pediatric brochure can also be found under the Pediatric Dentistry tab on our website Which also comes with a nifty activity kit for your child to become familiar with their upcoming appointment and get excited with this new idea.