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Anytime you want to find a pediatric dentist you want to look right here at the Tulsa pediatric dentist specialists at moral lie and determine where we specialize in pediatric care for all your dental needs. And we would love to be your go to dentists and you can do this by just scheduling an appointment to come check us out today either online at dotcom or giving us a call at 9 1 8 7 4 to 98 10. The Web site is really informative. You can see the about us section and meet the actual doctors which is a great way to be able to kind of see who they are and what they offer such as you know Dr. ly here. She’s a doctor Avril’s She’s a wonderful physician a pediatric dentist and her focus is developing young patients with excellent oral health and habits health and habits and positive attitudes towards receiving dental care. So she wants to change the whole process of people who are scared of the dentist they don’t want to come here it’s like you know why. I mean who knows why those kids feel that way we want to help them deal with that so any time you want to find nearby talls a pediatric dentist the best place to find nearby tells a pediatric nurse is right here at Moerland Kettering and you can see the education of Dr. ly also is that she has a bachelor of science from Oak overshoe a doctorate of dental surgery from University of Oklahoma general practice residency at University of hospital in Denver and pediatric dental residency at the Children’s Hospital Denver.
So the field of dentistry is constantly advancing on the technology involving patient treatment in materials. This is especially important to the pediatric patient. And I still stay involved by attending many different seminars and lessons sponsored by the American Academy of Pediatrics to keep me breast up on my skills. Find Nearby Tulsa Pediatric Dentist. So that’s some of the things that she does in your education and stay in front of the curve of dentistry and you know in the dental community she’s received many different in pediatric dentist out in 2008 and the whole magazine you know with with a number of others she’s also had special recognition as a diplomat and the American Board of media in the College of Dentistry senior pediatric honors program. So she has completed that. She’s a native Oklahoma City person and she lived in Tulsa for about since 2002. She’s married to Dr. Joe lie. Kirkpatrick and lie orthodontics which you can see right here in Tulsa and they have four wonderful children Cooper Olivia Fisher and Whitaker. They fill their time with many activities such as gymnastics football and many other things so if you want to see learn more about these doctors and see why they are so personable and why they have made it their passion to help these kids and help you find nearby pediatric nearby pediatric dentist. Then come right here to the MLK Web site make an appointment today to see all this. You also read all the things I’m speaking of right here on that Web site so feel free to go through that and check out all that stuff. It’s really neat.
You can also find out why when you want to find nearby pediatric dentist Tulsa the best place to find nearby Tulsa pediatric dentist is right here. So look no farther to find nearby Tulsa pediatric dentist than the wonderful specialists at MLK dentistry dot com. We have been in the field for about 32 years or more and would love to continue in that field and just keep practicing and keep gaining knowledge of how these children work and just putting more healthy smiles on more children in the Tulsa area. Please waste no more time and get down here today to see why everyone is raving and loves the great experience that they have gained from right here at the specialist at moral Y and counterman dentist and find out why everyone is raving about the great services they receive.