ML&K pediatric dentistryFind Kids Dentist Tulsa is excited to care for your children today! We are America’s highest rated of most. Reviewed pediatric dentistry with over 32 years of experience creating happy and healthy smiles. We have a free until three where if your child is 3 years old or under they get free exams and fluoride treatments. That is $120 value per visit absolutely free. We are a member of the American Dental Association, and we have a responsibility to make sure that children recognize the importance of doing their part and creating proper oral hygiene.

What is the no brainer offer at ML & K to Find Kids Dentist Tulsa? The new brain or offer this pediatric dentistry offers is free before three. We offer free dental examinations on all children until they reach their third birthday. These visits focus on teaching proper diet habits, proper, oral habits, and the role of daily toothbrushing. We provide a fluoride treatment using fluoride varnish. This offer is good for all appointments before 3 PM. Appointment scheduled after 3 PM. We charge the current fee schedule. This offer includes consultation, fluoride or fluoride, varnish, application, and exam. If the doctor says that the decay is present then you will be charged for utilizing the years for the treatment.

What is the next step to Find Kids Dentist Tulsa to move forward with ML&K pediatric dentistry? If you’d like to move forward and get a visit scheduled, then you can fill out a form on our website where you can call or visit our location. We have a professional and eager to help team members waiting to assist you. We look forward to meeting you and your children and starting them on a road to proper oral care and health. We have over 32 years of experience, creating happy and healthy smiles you will want to book with us today.

No matter the age, we believe that going to the dentist on a regular basis will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and your smile shining bright. The American Dental Association actually recommends that you’re supposed to visit the dentist every six months for regular check ups and routine teeth cleanings. Whenever you come to the dentist, we understand that you have a busy schedule but just know that your appointment is only gonna last me from 20 to 40 minutes. If you’re ready to schedule an appointment you can contact us by filling out a form on our website calling we’re driving to our location today.

You can visit our website and find out more about pediatric dentistry, sedation dentistry, learn more about us, I’m at the doctors, made the team, view client, testimonials, learn about brush your way to Disney, fill out a form to contact us for any questions or concerns, find our hours of operation and location, and more! Experience America’s highest rated in most, reviewed pediatric dentistry today. We are eager to create happy and healthy smiles for your children. You can experience the ML&K difference today.