Dentists for Kids in Tulsa | Meet the Best Dentistry Team in Tulsa

If you are looking for the best Dentists for Kids in Tulsa then we are the right place for you. You should meet the rest of our office team. Our marketing coordinator’s name is Margaret. She feels like she has the best job with MLK Dentistry as the marketing coordinator, some of her duties include calling on area pediatricians and dental offices. She also coordinate some of our amazing presentations for us to bring to area schools and preschools with some of our hygienists. Margaret is absolutely great at what she does and we love having her in the office.

Find the best Dentists for Kids in Tulsa. One of the registered dental hygienist that we have name is Molly. She has been with us since 2012 and has practiced dental hygiene since 2009. She was born and raised in Tulsa as a Bishop Kelley graduate who move back home after college. She is a great member of the team and will be one of the friendly faces that you see when you use MLK Dentistry for your Pediatric Dentistry needs. Most of our staff has been with us since 2010 so they are ready to help you with whatever your needs are. What do you need help schedule an appointment, having x-rays taken, or placing stealing our friendly staff is ready to help you.

Dentists for Kids in Tulsa Are easy to find, but you can only find the best at MLK Dentistry. One of the reasons that we are so great is our incredible staff. Most of our staff members have been with us since early 2000 oh, so they are extremely experienced and skilled at their jobs. They also love working here too and provide a friendly and welcoming environment for all of our clients. You can visit our website to see the testimonials from our front office staff as well who just enjoy showing up to work every day to help put smiles on all of the kids faces.

The office team is very excited and can’t wait to meet all of your Pediatric Dentistry needs. We guarantee once you visit us the first time you will absolutely fall in love with our amazing OfficeTeam. Without them we wouldn’t have the welcoming environment that we pride ourselves on. So in addition to amazing services and ongoing education, we have the friendliest staff in the Tulsa area.

To meet the team visit our website at If you would like to speak to one of our amazing staff members you can give us a call at 918-742-9810 and be welcomed by undo Vicki’s reassuring and experienced voice to help schedule your next appointment. She has been scheduling appointments with us for a long time and will help you with whatever you need and provide you any of the answers you have to any questions that might come up. We look forward to your call so we can talk to you about what services we can provide you and make your child smile the best in Tulsa.