Dentists for Kids in Tulsa doesn’t have to be a stressful experience to find. That is what I hear at MLK dentistry: we are able to offer your motive services for your child or you will not be able to reject. You will be able to bring in your kid and I have the greatest experience here in our office in Tulsa. You’ll be happy to know that we have the most experience in the most beautiful pediatric office in America. So you don’t have to worry when it comes to us not having the experience or having the knowledge of taking care of your child’s teeth.


Dentists for Kids in Tulsa oh the best, especially here at MLK pediatric dentistry. You will not find better doctors here at MLK pediatric dentistry. If you’re someone that is looking to have your kid come in to get a great experience with a pediatric dentist and look no further than our office. We are able to help anyone, even children that have fear of the dentist. We have so many services here in our office that you will not regret coming in and just even taking a look. You’ll be happy to know that we also have a great deal and that we offer more things than any other dentist here in Tulsa. So you know your kid is getting a great experience and that they will not find anyone better and that their experience is with the best dentist in Tulsa.


Dentists for Kids in Tulsa Can be costly, that is why here at MLK pediatric dentistry would like to offer you many discounts. For example, one of our great discounts is that you pay 10% less than the average Tulsa Pediatric Dentist. That is why we are also a great place to bring your child. Because you won’t have to pay that much and you’ll get better service here with us than anywhere else. We also have therapy pets so if you have a child who is scared of the doctor we are able to accommodate them not only with our knowledge but also with our therapy pet here in the office.


Another great thing we offer here at MLK pediatric dentistry that you will not find any rentals is that we offer free exams and fluoride treatments for anyone under the age of three. So you don’t have to pay for anything to have a free exam until they’re three. So if your child is under three and you want to bring him or her in for a free exam you can do so at no cost. and we know how important it is to come in and get a free exam especially for kids that are just now having teeth coming out. That is why we offer you this great service. 


If you’re ready to book your appointment here with us, go to our website or simply give us a call. Our phone number is 91874829810. You will not be disappointed with our services. You can also go to the website to find out more information about us.